Welcome to
Lucas Partnering

Where we are passionate about marketing and leadership.

Where we believe there are many ways to measure success.

Where we believe all companies are unique and should be treated as such.



We don’t believe in off-the-shelf solutions, proprietary processes or one-size-fits-all anything. 


Hi. I’m Dave Lucas, owner of Lucas Partnering. I’m a digital marketing expert with a passion for leadership in the workplace. Basically, that means I believe people come first. And that’s how I work. I can help you achieve your business goals through great marketing. While my expertise and experience is deep, I know that you’re the expert of your business and that’s why I want to “partner” rather than consult. The difference may appear to be subtle, but rather it really is powerful. 

Please check out my site for further information on my background, how you can leverage it for your success, the kind words a few others have to say, and some of my thoughts on leadership and marketing.

Thank you. 


“There is only one thing a leader can lead, and that is people.”

— Dave Lucas